Group of skillful members

We are virtual group of gurus and talents in IT industry. We can quickly form a team (like a special force) for specific operation in short time.

We also have contact with high skill guys and gals, help you find right people for critical mission.

Things we did

IT system for Seiko-xxxxx

  • Customer runs business of Japanese training and translation/intepreting for 11 years
  • They provide service and market insight for oversea partners
  • We help them to maintain their web presence and run their backoffice on SaaS, eliminate the need for an inhouse IT service
  • We suggest them to use more online tools (Google Docs, Sheets, Twitter, ...) to sync information between their 50+ staffs (distributed on several provinces)

Billing system for SmartXxx

  • Customer runs business of English training and education for 8 years
  • They provide hybrid course, mix of offline traditional class and online elearning. They also have online courses
  • We build the core of billing system and allow them to accept prepaid-card from student to access the elearning courses

Agile and software development process for ZoPxxx

  • Customer runs business of billing system for 10 years
  • They provide service and product for their customer to sell virtual products online and prepaid cards
  • We consult them to refine the bottle neck of high-concurrency
  • We consult them to reduce active record to have better query performance
  • We propose the agile process to boost working performance of staff (in Development and QA), and encourage staff for more creativity
  • We suggest them to use JIRA, Continuous delivery and Most Viable Product concept to have shorter Time-to-market

CRM system for XxxxMilk

  • Customer runs business of selling powder milk for 11 years
  • We help 10 staffs to provide a call center and consulting/QnA services for their end-users
  • We build the custom CRM system using ASP.NET, run on-premise
  • It runs for 10 years and still counting